Ultimate Credit Report Guide: Sonny Collova: Sort Your Credit Out!

This book was written primarily with the first time home buyer in mind. I have been in the mortgage (credit) business for 20 years now. It’s tougher than ever to get approved for good credit loans, credit score requirements have increased as much as 100 points over the last four years. The average applicant’s credit score has dropped by as much.

Where does this leave you? The person with a dream to own your own home or buy that sail boat to go cruising around the world. Forever dreaming that’s where.

I get at least 10 people a day asking me “What’s the secret to getting a loan today?” “Make sure you replace your bad credit with good credit and never pay off older bad credit” That is my standard answer and goes against most what most so called experts with no experience will tell you.

I’ve got 20 years of happy homeowners who have gone on to start a businesses, invest in real estate, and do other amazing things they could not have done had they not gotten their credit and money management under control. Imagine what you could do if you were able to reduce your house payment by $500 per month, save 5%-10% in interest and other fees on the debt you carry, get that 0% APR car loan you see advertised with the fine print reading “740 credit score required”. You can achieve all this and more without getting ripped off by those bogus credit repair scammers.

If you read this book I guarantee you’ll be able to improve your credit and move your life in the right direction for a change. If not I’ll personally review your situation and answer any questions you might be able to come up with after reading this book. You won’t be disappointed wit the results you can achieve making a few simple changes to your financial habits.

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About the Author

Sonny has been working with the credit challenged for over twenty years. He currently runs a private hard money lending business in Florida, making loans to borrowers and then helping them pay off the temporary loan with a premium rate conventional or FHA loan. You can learn a lot on one of his “consumer guide” websites . You can also actually talk to Sonny via Google Plus 

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