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These requirements are for book reviewers: if you are the author of a book please check the Author Submission page

Interested in submitting a book review? I’m always looking for new material – there are just so many good books out there and so little time!

The requirements for a review are as follows:

  1. The book must be available as an eBook on,, or  At this stage of this site’s development I’m not interested in multiple reviews of the same book – so pick something that hasn’t been done!
  2. I expect that most books will be in English – however if the book reviewed is in French or German – please review in that language and include tags in that language. (Note this is likely to expand to include Spanish and Italian as Amazon rolls-out eBook stores in those countries).
  3. The review should be at least 400 words and should be unique content – not previously published on the Internet.
  4. You can include a reviewer’s bio in the final paragraph including one link to a relevant website, and one link to a recognised social media platform (Facebook, twitter, google+ or similar).
  5. Please include 1 to 5 tags (keywords) which describe the book (using those used on Amazon is fine).
  6. No links to websites I consider irrelevant, or in a bad neighbourhood (gambling, sex, drugs , etc).
  7. Please ensure you include a link to the book in question! All books must be available on Amazon at the time of writing.
  8. Please don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and G+

I’ll let you know as soon as your submission is live – and will promote it via Facebook and twitter and g+.  Its in both our interests if you do the same.

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