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Get the word out for your book! The biggest thing for indie authors is getting their book to stand out from the crowd! You need to reach out to your readers – where ever they may be.

Would you like your book featured here? Authors and small publishers are invited to provide excerpts of their books. The requirements are:

  1. The book must be available on at least one of,, or as an eBook.
  2. I accept book reviews in the relevant language i.e. if the book is in French on I accept a French review for it, similarly for a German book on (Its likely that will extend to Spanish and Italian in the near future as Amazon expands to those countries)
  3. All genres are accepted except for erotica. Both Fiction and Non-Fiction titles are accepted in English, German and French.
  4. Please provide a summary or extract from your book which is 200-500 words long and has not been published previously on the Internet. Ideally you should provide something a little different from what readers can already see with Amazon’s “look inside” feature.
  5. Please provide a summary paragraph at the end including the author’s bio, this may include one  link to your website and plus a social media profile of your choice (twitter, facebook, g+) if required.
  6. Please provide the tags or keywords that you think are appropriate for your book – it makes sense for these to be the same as you have used on Amazon.

I reserve the right to:

  1. To add the front cover image from Amazon and links to Amazon listings. Links to the listings will may include affiliate codes.
  2. To do some light editing – if required.

I’ll let you know as soon as your submission is live – and will promote it via Facebook and twitter and g+.  Its in both our interests if you do the same.

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