St Elmo’s Fire: James Cassaday: Suspense, Crime and a Twist of Humour

St Elmo’s Fire tells the tale of ex-Seaman Jack Druce who has joined the fire brigade in the 1950’s. It doesn’t take long before Jack comes to seriously regret the day he didn’t look away when he first glimpsed the St Elmo’s Fire phenomenon at sea. His bad luck continues as he then makes the mistake of agreeing to join a group of rogue ex-firemen who are planning to steal a priceless work of art.

Follow Jack’s adventures in a fire decimated warehouse, then during the daring heist; before back at sea he goes on the run from the law and is confronted by others who want to steal the stolen artwork from him.

The story moves along rapidly and twists and turns in line with the thrill of the chase. The plot contains danger, excitement, romance, and more than a little of the Liverpool sense of humour. Ultimately Jack Druce and the readers are left with an intriguing riddle to solve that refuses go away. Just like the St Elmo’s Fire phenomena it flickers, dies and then flares up again.

This book will appeal to readers who enjoy the following topics:

Crime fiction, thrillers, suspense, sailing, sea adventures, romance, humour, stolen art, fires and fire fighting.

James Cassaday decided to write St Elmo’s Fire in order to put to good use his extensive knowledge of both fire fighting and sailing. James had often pondered on the idea that it would be quite possible for firemen attending a fire to steal works of art or other valuable property without attracting attention or suspicion. This book has been born out of that theory.

James Cassaday was born in 1934 where he had a narrow escape from an early death in World War II when his family home in Gosport was destroyed by a German bomb destined for Portsmouth dockyard. These experiences lead James to undertake a series of careers that allowed him to fulfill his need to protect both life and property, beginning with a short spell in the Merchant Navy. James went on to enlist in the Royal Air Force where he became a coxwain in the Marine Craft Section (the peacetime equivalent of Air Sea Rescue). This was followed by a 35 year long career in the Fire Service and gained him the The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Award for saving life, and the award of the Queen’s Fire Service Medal for distinguished service.

James retired holding the rank of Chief Fire Officer and today he lives on the Channel Island of Guernsey where his interests now centre on writing, gardening and sailing.

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