Rough Sea Justice: James Cassaday: Mystery and Suspense at Sea

Rough Sea Justice tells the story of Guernsey resident James Cook, a man who inadvertently kills two intruders that have broken on to his small yacht whilst he is asleep on board. James is well aware that all too often the legal system seems to protect the criminals, whilst punishing those who physically defend their property against them. Fearful of the consequences of his actions he decides to fake his own death and then go on the run on board his yacht Zephyr. The plan quickly begins to go wrong, as James rapidly bounces from one crisis to another, quickly realising he is being pursued by those who seek vengeance against him.

Although the plot is serious in nature, the tone of this book is upbeat throughout, and in spite of the dangers and setbacks there are plenty of moments that provide smiles and laughs for the readers, with a good dash of romance thrown in along the way.

This book will appeal to readers who have an interest in any of the following types of books, adventure stories, crime, murder, suspense, sailing, the sea, Guernsey in the Channel Islands, romance and the law.

James Cassaday was inspired to write this book because of the frustration he felt whenever he saw a news item that showed yet another case where a person defending themselves or their property against criminal activity, ended up in more trouble with the law than the perpetrators themselves.

James Cassaday was born in 1934 where he had a narrow escape from an early death in World War II when his family home in Gosport was destroyed by a German bomb destined for Portsmouth dockyard. These experiences lead James to undertake a series of careers that allowed him to fulfill his need to protect both life and property, beginning with a short spell in the Merchant Navy. James went on to enlist in the Royal Air Force where he became a coxwain in the Marine Craft Section (the peacetime equivalent of Air Sea Rescue). This was followed by a 35 year long career in the Fire Service and gained him the The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Award for saving life, and the award of the Queen’s Fire Service Medal for distinguished service.

James retired holding the rank of Chief Fire Officer and today he lives on the Channel Island of Guernsey where his interests now centre on writing, gardening and sailing.

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