Review: What is HTML5?Brett McLaughlin:If You Are An eBook Publisher You May Want To Read This

I’m not that much of an HTML geek. I tried to learn it, discovered WordPress, and have never looked back. I know, as they say, just enough HTML to be very dangerous. But hell this was free, and its an O’Reilly imprint – that producer of Geek Bibles. So I decided to have a look.

This is not a manual – it won’t tell you how to use all the new tags of HTML5, but its well written, even humourous in places (something that got it marked down by some reviewers on Amazon – go figure!). It focusses on the concepts – so even if you don’t understand the details -and I freely admit – I don’t you can get the gist.

HTML5 is designed to take the web to the next level particularly on mobile devices include eBook readers. The release much more closely integrates Javascript – to the point that you can do more than just run code within HTML5. HTML5 is important if you are looking at the interesting possibilities that Amazon’s new Kindle Fire reader opens up- in terms of multi-media books with integrated video and audio.

Apparently HTML5 is one of the most significant developments since HTML was initially developed. I found it an interesting read, short enough for me not to give up in my despair of my lack of technical know-how.  And really, for all of those who say you skipped Comp Sci at school. So did I – most of what I’ve learnt about computing has been by trying to read books that were over my head, and breaking code until it worked. This book is not a bad place to start if you are getting your head around HTML and websites in general.

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