Review: Lets Get Digital: David Gaughran: How To Self Publish and Why You Should

David Gaughran is an Irish writer of fiction. He’s also an enthusiastic convert to self-publishing. Although he’s not the first frustrated would-be fiction writer to turn to self-publishing, he is one of the few to have really understood the enormous changes  the publishing industry is currently undergoing. Thanks to Amazon, this industry is going through the largest changes since the invention of the printing press, and indie authors like Gaughran are at the forefront of it.

book review lets get digital david gaughranLet’s Get Digital – although primarily aimed at the would-be self-published author – is of interest to anyone who is intrigued by the huge changes that are currently occurring in publishing. To the reader this is turning into a golden age of cheap ebooks, for writers is the start of an entirely new business model. One that puts them in control of both their artistic works, and the marketing of themselves and their books.

This book runs to 175 pages in the pdf version, is split into three sections. Section one covers the details of the Digital Revolution, with particular emphasis on what it means for writers, agents and publishers. For those readers who are concerned that eBooks are too cheap – its an eye-opener to see that an author self-publishing a book at $2.99 is actually earning more in royalties than they would have with a traditionally published paper back priced at $9.99.

In the second section Gaughran presents a comprehensive 10 step outline for author’s wanting to self-publish.  Everything from cover design, editing, pricing, websites, social networking and blog tours are covered.

Part 3 consists of 33 success stories of successfully published indie ebook authors. Some of the names you might know include: Bob Mayer, Jason Letts  and KC May.

Check out Let’s Get Digital on Amazon 

Alternatively you can download the book for free from David Gaughran‘s website. Yes the whole book, not a teaser, he explains why on that link.


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