Review: 30 Day Spending Detox: The Simple Plan To Save Money & Get Out Of Debt In Just One Month

Tracey Edward’s latest book 30 Day Spending Detox is a fun guide that contains a one month plan for saving a lot of money in a short amount of time.

It’s perfect for those people who want to shake up their finances and get real about how much their spending is contributing to their debt levels or lack of savings. The author manages to keep the topic simple and fun as she holds your hand through your own spending detox.

With debt levels rising around the world it makes sense that the best way to get ahead financially would be to either spend less or earn more. And of course it’s much easier to spend less than it is to find some hidden money under the mattress.
But even if your budget is already stretched and you couldn’t possibly spend any less, Edwards does give some great tips on earning more money including blogging, selling on eBay and other simple ways you can make some money to help boost the finances.

The book covers everything from saving money at the grocery store to how to handle unexpected expenses when they arise, and of course what to do with your money after the month is over. She even includes a journal of her own spending detox at the back so you can see how she handled the month.

While not spending may seem radical, it’s definitely a wakeup call to how much we overspend on things we don’t even really need and if we just simplify our lives it can actually be much easier and less stressful.

This book will save you more than it cost you as you  make a great kick-start to changing your finances for the better. I’ll definitely be doing my own no spend month to see how much I can save.

If you are interested in learning more about Tracey and her personal finance books check out her Tracey Writes Books website.

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