Ultimate Credit Report Guide: Sonny Collova: Sort Your Credit Out!


This book was written primarily with the first time home buyer in mind. I have been in the mortgage (credit) business for 20 years now. It’s tougher than ever to get approved for good credit loans, credit score requirements have increased as much as 100 points over the last four years. The average applicant’s credit […] Read more »

Review: Lets Get Digital: David Gaughran: How To Self Publish and Why You Should

book review lets get digital david gaughran

David Gaughran is an Irish writer of fiction. He’s also an enthusiastic convert to self-publishing. Although he’s not the first frustrated would-be fiction writer to turn to self-publishing, he is one of the few to have really understood the enormous changes  the publishing industry is currently undergoing. Thanks to Amazon, this industry is going through the largest changes since the […] Read more »