Free eBooks for Download: Electronic Books Free and Legal

There are plenty of legally free eBooks. What’s the difference between – legal and illegal eBooks.  Well its not hard – illegal eBooks are stolen – from an author who is trying to make a living – and pirated. You will find them from various well-known pirate sites – it may sound exotic – but is stealing – just the same as when you walk into a bookshop and steal a book from the shelves.

If you have unthinkingly done just that – I suggest you go and buy your own copy – its called kharma or doing the right thing or something old-fashioned like that.

Which is not to say that there is not a life-time of  legally free reading available to anyone who has an eBook reader, smartphone or computer

The free books here fall into two main groups:

  • Public Domain books. These are books whose copyright has expired – this covers a lot of the classics – and can be a great way to either do your required reading from school for free. Sometimes you will see a public domain book offered in several versions – e.g. Pride and Prejudice, some are non-free – because they have had extra content added: normally images, a click able table of contents, or maybe several books by the same author combined into a omnibus edition (this can be a good idea – it stops your book lists on your eBook reader getting out of control).
  • Books that authors or publishers are offering as free as a teaser to a book series. Or as a special from a  new author to get you interested in their other work.

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