FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an eBook? 

Or e-book or ebook – no we don’t even know how to spell it yet!  An electronic book is just that – words as electrons – no paper involved. You have probably come across the pdf format for reading documents – a pdf can be an eBook. But many people hate reading on a bright computer screen – and that was the only option, until eBooks started to appear a few years ago.

The Kindle is the most popular make – from Amazon, but there are many others including Kobe, Nook, Sony eReader and many others.

So I need an eReader to Read an eBook? 

No you don’t. In fact you can read eBooks on any laptop, desktop, Mac as well as iPads and other tables. Kindle alone has software (free) which will allow you to read on all those devices plus smartphones, android and iPhones.

What’s an Indie Book?

It used to be that a writer had to get a publishing contract before they could get a book in the bookshops. Even when they succeeded the books often made the writer little to no money – do you know that writers often only get 15% or less of the cover price of a book. And that’s if they get published.

If their books are a little out there? Not in a perceived popular genre, not mainstream enough? They didn’t get published.

Until 2007 – that’s when Amazon started to allow independent authors (“indies”) to publish

Why Are eBooks So Cheap? 

Indie eBooks tend to be cheap because by cutting out the publisher the writer can now get about 70% of the purchase price – rather than than the 10 or 15% they got from a traditional publisher. So a $2.99 eBooks makes the author the same amount of money as a traditionally published $15 book.

Why Are eBooks So Expensive? 

Sometimes you will see an eBook published at a price that is higher than the paperback version. Why? Profit protection – the traditional publishers would prefer you to buy the hard back version, and are scared that if they offer you the eBook version at a reasonable price you won’t buy the paperback or the hardback. They are right – but often what happens is the customer doesn’t buy any version.