Bailiwick Gold : James Cassaday : WW2 Adventure

Bailiwick Gold is set in the Channel Island of Guernsey, and begins in 1943 during World War II. The book tells the story of how five gold bars are both procured, and then ultimately hidden around Guernsey by German Lieutenant Carl Schmidt. Unfortunately for Schmidt he is sent away from Guernsey in disgrace, and ultimately he does not survive the war, (although he leaves a tantalising clue as to where the gold bars have been carefully hidden).

Jump forward in time to 1996 and the plot begins to follow the progress of various individuals who have heard the legend of these missing gold bars, are in possession of the relevant clues, and are frantically trying to track the gold down for their own coffers. The treasure hunt is complicated by the extremely dangerous tides and currents that surround the Channel Islands, as well as the lack of any complete information as to where the gold has been hidden.

A gripping and intriguing novel that refuses to be put down as you see the dangers facing those who are following this cryptic treasure trail, and find yourself holding your breath as our hero and heroine race against less savoury individuals who will stop at nothing to obtain this gold for themselves.

Bailiwick Gold will appeal to readers who have an interest in World War II, and more specifically the German Occupation of the Channel Islands. Additionally it will be a popular choice for people interested in the following types of novel: sailing and sea adventures, treasure hunts, suspense, romance and anything to do with Guernsey in the British Channel Islands.

James Cassaday was inspired to write this book when it occurred to him that it was very likely that German soldiers stationed on Guernsey during the Occupation of the Channel Islands would have felt a need to plan ahead for an uncertain future. The best way they could do this would have been to procure as much ‘loot’ as they could, and then hide it away for later retrieval. Of course many of these soldiers might well not survive the war, and then their hidden treasure would remain hidden, that is unless they left behind any clues for descendants to follow at some time in the future.

This book is the result of James Cassaday’s idea as to one such scenario and how it might develop.

The Author
James Cassaday was born in 1934 where he had a narrow escape from an early death in World War II when his family home in Gosport was destroyed by a German bomb destined for Portsmouth dockyard. These experiences lead James to undertake a series of careers that allowed him to fulfill his need to protect both life and property, beginning with a short spell in the Merchant Navy. James went on to enlist in the Royal Air Force where he became a coxwain in the Marine Craft Section (the peacetime equivalent of Air Sea Rescue). This was followed by a 35 year long career in the Fire Service and gained him the The Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society Award for saving life, and the award of the Queen’s Fire Service Medal for distinguished service.

James retired holding the rank of Chief Fire Officer and today he lives on the Channel Island of Guernsey where his interests now centre on writing, gardening and sailing.

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